Ta-Da! The New and Improved Aldrich Design Site

We’re up and running (obviously, because you’re here after all!).

WELL, HERE IT IS. The same site but only different. The same but so much better. Much better. Okay, so at first look there doesn’t appear too much difference from my old site and this “new” one. Most of the newness was done in the background, way back there where the gnomes and elves create HTML, PHP, CSS and LMNOP. In other words the architecture of the site has been changed so that I can better manage things (and update the site more than once a year!).
For your convenience we have included my blog of infrequent posts in the site itself. Don’t you just love technology? I hope to keep things updated more, well, more frequently. The new framework of the site allows me to update much easier than before. And it all comes down to Keeping It Simple (Thanks, Jayne!).
Check out the Galleria page to see some of my more recent work.
Thanks to Paul Squillace for all your web genius help! Contact Paul for your own website development needs.

Trying to take the advice from one of my author clients!




4 Responses to Ta-Da! The New and Improved Aldrich Design Site

  1. Theresa Lode says:

    Looks brilliant Dave! Rock on! You’re so dang clever I can hardly stand it….:)

  2. daldrich says:

    Thank you, Theresa. You’ve been one of my greatest encouragers!

  3. Hi Dave. The new site looks great. Glad to see that your business is growing. I hadn’t seen those recent covers. Great work!

  4. daldrich says:

    Hey Barry… thanks! Things are building, slow but sure.

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