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My New eReader

When eReaders began rising in popularity there was a cry that rang out from book designers, a concern that eBooks would somehow destroy the market for cover design. I held all along to the belief that whether one was designing for a book cover that was to become a printed piece or a digital file that would be viewed electronically, well designed cover art would still be a necessary thing. Besides cover art that appears on an eReader’s screen, art is also needed for the online store where the book is being sold. Just visit Amazon’s, B&N’s or Border’s websites to see for yourself. Most of us still browse by cover attraction.


Having said all that I had not taken the jump into buying an eReader for myself until very recently. Besides wanting to better understand these gizmos so I’d better know how to design covers for them, I really wanted one for my personal reading. After some extensive research I wound up getting the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. I like it very much. It more than meets the needs of an eReader.


Sitting on the platform of the Android OS the Nook Color has the features of a full touch screen tablet. It has some nice apps and more are being developed. It’s wifi enabled so I can download books, PDFs and other files either from the internet or from my computer. The cost is more than the Kindle or the regular Nook, but it is more on par of a smaller iPad (with a smaller price tag).


That’s my two cents review for the Nook Color. I’m looking forward to getting into it more and enjoying the convenience and portability of such a device.






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The future looks brighter for us book design folks.

Apple iPad displays images beautifully. Just think how good book covers could look!

Print designers, especially book cover designers have been concerned over the future of the printed page in light of the growing trend of  digital reading devices such as the Kindle and Sony Reader. Perhaps we can worry no more. The new Apple iPad displays images beautifully.

I don’t believe the printed page will be going away any too soon, but Apple has certainly given us a look into a brighter future.

The new Apple iPad – hope for print designers everywhere 🙂


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