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My New eReader

When eReaders began rising in popularity there was a cry that rang out from book designers, a concern that eBooks would somehow destroy the market for cover design. I held all along to the belief that whether one was designing for a book cover that was to become a printed piece or a digital file that would be viewed electronically, well designed cover art would still be a necessary thing. Besides cover art that appears on an eReader’s screen, art is also needed for the online store where the book is being sold. Just visit Amazon’s, B&N’s or Border’s websites to see for yourself. Most of us still browse by cover attraction.


Having said all that I had not taken the jump into buying an eReader for myself until very recently. Besides wanting to better understand these gizmos so I’d better know how to design covers for them, I really wanted one for my personal reading. After some extensive research I wound up getting the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. I like it very much. It more than meets the needs of an eReader.


Sitting on the platform of the Android OS the Nook Color has the features of a full touch screen tablet. It has some nice apps and more are being developed. It’s wifi enabled so I can download books, PDFs and other files either from the internet or from my computer. The cost is more than the Kindle or the regular Nook, but it is more on par of a smaller iPad (with a smaller price tag).


That’s my two cents review for the Nook Color. I’m looking forward to getting into it more and enjoying the convenience and portability of such a device.






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What is “Work for Hire?”

I’ve had several people ask me if what I do is considered “work for hire.” The short answer is “No. ‘Work for hire’ has to do with an employer-employee work situation.” In more detail Wikipedia provides this more comprehensive answer:

Work for hire
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A work made for hire (sometimes abbreviated as work for hire or WFH) is an exception to the general rule that the person who actually creates a work is the legally-recognized author of that work. According to copyright law in the United States and certain other copyright jurisdictions, if a work is “made for hire”, the employer—not the employee—is considered the legal author. In some countries, this is known as corporate authorship. The incorporated entity serving as an employer may be a corporation or other legal entity, an organization, or an individual.

[click here for the rest of the article]


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Ta-Da! The New and Improved Aldrich Design Site

We’re up and running (obviously, because you’re here after all!).

WELL, HERE IT IS. The same site but only different. The same but so much better. Much better. Okay, so at first look there doesn’t appear too much difference from my old site and this “new” one. Most of the newness was done in the background, way back there where the gnomes and elves create HTML, PHP, CSS and LMNOP. In other words the architecture of the site has been changed so that I can better manage things (and update the site more than once a year!).
For your convenience we have included my blog of infrequent posts in the site itself. Don’t you just love technology? I hope to keep things updated more, well, more frequently. The new framework of the site allows me to update much easier than before. And it all comes down to Keeping It Simple (Thanks, Jayne!).
Check out the Galleria page to see some of my more recent work.
Thanks to Paul Squillace for all your web genius help! Contact Paul for your own website development needs.

Trying to take the advice from one of my author clients!





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Great article: Do authors really need to promote their own books?

Tooting your own hornMany authors that I work with have a hard time with promoting their books or themselves for that matter. I can well understand because I often have a hard time promoting myself and my design services. Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence (I’m really not that good), or feeling “I’m too humble to toot,”  or just that we never seem to have enough time, there’s usually something that gets in the way of tooting our own horns.

First of all, if you want to sell that book and get your message out, no one is better qualified to do it than you. Whether you’re an established author, with the good fortune of having the backing of a large publishing house, or an independent self-publisher marketing by grassroots and viral campaigning, you have to toot!

Author Mary DeMuth has a great article on the subject that’s worth the read. Read it and go ahead and blow that horn. It’s okay!


You can read Mary’s article here.


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Keeping It Simple!

Book cover design by Dave Aldrich for the book "Keeping It Simple!" by Jayne DeRouin

Keys to Living an Uncomplicated Life

“Jayne DeRouin is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life and just like everyone else, she’s had to face and overcome many of the challenges and obstacles of life.”

That’s the beginning back cover copy on my latest book design project, “Keeping It Simple!” by Jayne DeRouin. Jayne lives in my home state of Rhode Island and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her and her husband David in person. They both have been a joy to work with.

The premise of her book, keeping life simple by finding freedom in the balance of the physical and spiritual, was the very springboard for coming up with the cover. What could say simplicity and freedom better than a child flying a kite at the beach? The color palette was kept simple as well. I dominated it with a soft blue sky to create the feeling of tranquility and the spot of red in the kite gives an active point of interest.

Now we’re working on other materials – a media kit, letterhead, business card, post card, and other items for her to use to promote the book.

I wish Jayne the very best. Both her and David have been helping me with Keeping It Simple!

Update – November 11, 2010: Keeping It Simple is now available on or through Heart & Soul Publishing (where you can get an author signed copy of the book).


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The Last Matryoshka (book title revealed)

book cover for "The Last Matryoshka"

Oh, so that’s the title of the book .What in the world is a matryoshka you say? Well, you know those charming Russan nesting dolls, the ones that are usually made of wood and are hollow, and you open one and find another, open that one and find another, and on and on. Yeah, that’s what this is, but they’re usually not as creepy looking as this one.

“The Last Matryoshka” is a suspenseful mystery that takes place in Russia. There’s blackmail, dark prisons, lewd tattoos and lots of bad guys.

So my work is done for a little while on this. The advanced reading copy has gone out and I await the final instructions for the back cover and spine.

The Last Matryoshka book cover - 3D


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Sneek peak – revised

Skully the Matryoshka Doll

The revised illustration - more sinister looking.

Round Two

It’s been a little while since I revised this illustration (with the “sinister filter” in Photoshop). I am waiting for the final go-ahead to complete the cover of this book so that I can post it in its entirety, but I wanted to show the approved illustration. Definitely more sinister looking. The client, author, and publisher all agreed thankfully, and love it. (Whew!)

Besides the skull face I added texture to the surfaces to give a more realistic feel and move away from the flat, cartoony look that I had before.

Next step will be the back cover, flaps and spine for this one. Looking forward to it.



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Sneak peek and the mystery of interpretation.

illustration of nested doll

This is an illustration for a upcoming mystery novel. I had a lot of fun with this, but the client felt it just wasn’t sinister looking enough. So back to the drawing board I go.

Interpreting the wishes and desires for a client is a tricky thing at times. You go over the client’s instructions and suggestions, do your research, and then do your best to interpret it all with the creative energies they’ve hired you for. Sometimes it’s a bull’s eye hit and other times the target is missed all together. All part of the process.

I found out that I’m not too far off from the mark on this one. I’m getting ready to tweak it with the Sinister filter in Photoshop. 🙂


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The future looks brighter for us book design folks.

Apple iPad displays images beautifully. Just think how good book covers could look!

Print designers, especially book cover designers have been concerned over the future of the printed page in light of the growing trend of  digital reading devices such as the Kindle and Sony Reader. Perhaps we can worry no more. The new Apple iPad displays images beautifully.

I don’t believe the printed page will be going away any too soon, but Apple has certainly given us a look into a brighter future.

The new Apple iPad – hope for print designers everywhere 🙂


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Putting the Fun Back in DysFUNction!

An eBook by Theresa Lode

Written by the talented and witty Theresa Lode
(AKA: The Mother Lode)

Cover and interior designed by Dave Aldrich

Theresa Lode (pronounced Lo-dee) is a very funny woman. She writes from her trials and tribulations and everyday dysfunctional family life! Much in the style of Erma Bombeck, her stories hit to the heart and the funny bone.

It was a joy to design this e-book for her. We’re very happy with the cover, as it is becoming more an identity for her, as there is a great potential for a series of “Mother Lode Guides.” The interior was also a lot of fun to do. Her daughter Molly submitted a couple of drawings that she created that became part of the book.

It’s a pleasure to work with such a talent as Theresa. Both her and her husband Jay have become good friends. They live in Tennessee with their three children. I don’t think they’re any more dysfunctional than the average family, but maybe they’re just more honest about it!

Check out Theresa’s blog where, for a limited time, she is offering a FREE download of her e-book. It’s short but so sweet a read!


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