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Thanks a lot, Adam and Eve…

Adam and Eve and the Tree

Adam and Eve and the Tree


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Pete by Dad

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, so no time like the present to try to breath some new life here. 🙂


When my son Peter was growing up he and I would do something creative every night. Usually it was either drawing together or building Legos. Now that he’s 25 we don’t get to spend time with one another as we did, but he’s been after me to lately. So the other night while he was doing an acrylic painting of comic book character, “Deadpool” I decided to draw him. It was a lot of fun and it brought back many fond memories for both of us.


It’s too easy to lose touch with our children. They grow up. We grow older. Things change. Times change. So this was a lesson for me to not let an opportunity to connect with my kid go by.


I hope you keep alert for your own opportunities to connect and bond with your family. That’s the stuff that really matters.


~ Dave


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United and Untied

illustration titled -  United and Untied

Another side trip. An illustration done for an article written by author and friend, Carol Peterson. She didn’t ask me to do it, but I appreciated what she wrote and felt an urge to illustrate her thoughts.

Here’s the article she wrote:

Well, I did it again. Actually it happens all the time, and I’m trying to learn not to take it quite so seriously. Only God is perfect, right? And to prove that’s true, a few weeks ago there was another typo in the Sunday bulletin. Actually, it wasn’t that bad of a mistake; almost everyone read right over the word and said it as it was supposed to be and not the way it was written. But then someone had to ask me about it. “It says untied. Don’t you meanunited?” Now I do tend to get embarrassed and all bound up about such things, bound up in human imperfections as I am. But when I thought about the error, it seemed to make perfect sense. It was in the offertory prayer. “As grains of wheat are gathered for bread and as grapes together are poured out for wine, so may we be untied in your presence through this sacrament of grace.”

There’s a real sense of accomplishment when we do something well, when we get it right. But our brokenness and imperfection can leave us all tied up in knots, that’s for sure.

Yes, it is true that we are in bondage to sin, and we cannot free ourselves. We sin by what we have done and by what we have left undone. We don’t love God wholeheartedly and we don’t love our neighbors as ourselves, either. We are all bound up in our humanity.

Yet we hear words of forgiveness as we receive the body and blood of Jesus, who lived and died and lives again so that we can stand before God untied from our bondage to sin and set free from our imperfections and brokenness.

So we pray, As we come to your table, O Christ, may we be untied in your presence, to live in the wonderful freedom you have won for us!

Carol is the author of the novel “Eddie’s Wake” that I had the pleasure to cover design. Besides being a writer she is a wife, mother, lover of Lake Superior and an interim pastor in the Lutheran denomination. She resides with her husband Tom in Wisconsin. Her blog is called, “Writing Eddie’s Wake”


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The Last Matryoshka (book title revealed)

book cover for "The Last Matryoshka"

Oh, so that’s the title of the book .What in the world is a matryoshka you say? Well, you know those charming Russan nesting dolls, the ones that are usually made of wood and are hollow, and you open one and find another, open that one and find another, and on and on. Yeah, that’s what this is, but they’re usually not as creepy looking as this one.

“The Last Matryoshka” is a suspenseful mystery that takes place in Russia. There’s blackmail, dark prisons, lewd tattoos and lots of bad guys.

So my work is done for a little while on this. The advanced reading copy has gone out and I await the final instructions for the back cover and spine.

The Last Matryoshka book cover - 3D


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Sneek peak – revised

Skully the Matryoshka Doll

The revised illustration - more sinister looking.

Round Two

It’s been a little while since I revised this illustration (with the “sinister filter” in Photoshop). I am waiting for the final go-ahead to complete the cover of this book so that I can post it in its entirety, but I wanted to show the approved illustration. Definitely more sinister looking. The client, author, and publisher all agreed thankfully, and love it. (Whew!)

Besides the skull face I added texture to the surfaces to give a more realistic feel and move away from the flat, cartoony look that I had before.

Next step will be the back cover, flaps and spine for this one. Looking forward to it.



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