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Ta-Da! The New and Improved Aldrich Design Site

We’re up and running (obviously, because you’re here after all!).

WELL, HERE IT IS. The same site but only different. The same but so much better. Much better. Okay, so at first look there doesn’t appear too much difference from my old site and this “new” one. Most of the newness was done in the background, way back there where the gnomes and elves create HTML, PHP, CSS and LMNOP. In other words the architecture of the site has been changed so that I can better manage things (and update the site more than once a year!).
For your convenience we have included my blog of infrequent posts in the site itself. Don’t you just love technology? I hope to keep things updated more, well, more frequently. The new framework of the site allows me to update much easier than before. And it all comes down to Keeping It Simple (Thanks, Jayne!).
Check out the Galleria page to see some of my more recent work.
Thanks to Paul Squillace for all your web genius help! Contact Paul for your own website development needs.

Trying to take the advice from one of my author clients!





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Great article: Do authors really need to promote their own books?

Tooting your own hornMany authors that I work with have a hard time with promoting their books or themselves for that matter. I can well understand because I often have a hard time promoting myself and my design services. Whether it’s due to a lack of confidence (I’m really not that good), or feeling “I’m too humble to toot,”  or just that we never seem to have enough time, there’s usually something that gets in the way of tooting our own horns.

First of all, if you want to sell that book and get your message out, no one is better qualified to do it than you. Whether you’re an established author, with the good fortune of having the backing of a large publishing house, or an independent self-publisher marketing by grassroots and viral campaigning, you have to toot!

Author Mary DeMuth has a great article on the subject that’s worth the read. Read it and go ahead and blow that horn. It’s okay!


You can read Mary’s article here.


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Sneak peek and the mystery of interpretation.

illustration of nested doll

This is an illustration for a upcoming mystery novel. I had a lot of fun with this, but the client felt it just wasn’t sinister looking enough. So back to the drawing board I go.

Interpreting the wishes and desires for a client is a tricky thing at times. You go over the client’s instructions and suggestions, do your research, and then do your best to interpret it all with the creative energies they’ve hired you for. Sometimes it’s a bull’s eye hit and other times the target is missed all together. All part of the process.

I found out that I’m not too far off from the mark on this one. I’m getting ready to tweak it with the Sinister filter in Photoshop. 🙂


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Having fun with video and still photography


Taking a video clip and lots of still photos that I’ve taken, I created this fun little piece in Apple’s iMovie. The program allows you to do a pan and zoom, called the “Ken Burns effect” after the famous documentary producer. There’s a couple of water scenes here that you’d swear it was moving video, but this effect causes the on-screen pixels to give the impression of water movement (Either that or it’s magic).


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The Misunderstood God, Bo's Café, and The Shack – at Border's

Three books: Misunderstood God, Bo's Café, The Shack

I spotted these three Windblown titles at Borders today… “The Misunderstood God,” “Bo’s Café,” and “The Shack.” I was pleased to see them facing forward! I don’t know who makes those decisions at the book stores. The Shack is still selling strong. As you can see they displayed it three rows across.

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On being delinquent on posting to one's own blog and speaking of LinkedIn

The Designer' Guide to Marketing and Pricing by Benum and TopLike the auto mechanic whose vehicle is last to get repaired, so doth goes the designer who continues to put off posting on his own blog. Okay, lame excuse. I know.

For someone who has been in the advertising/promotional business for many years you’d think I be better at promoting myself with a wonderful and free vehicle such as WordPress!

How about these excuses? Feel free to apply them to your own situation:

Hey, life gets busy. I work too, ya know?

The best marketing I do is at the new Super Walmart in town.

Promote myself? I’m much too humble to promote myself.

How about LinkedIn? What’s the deal with that?

LinkedIn logoOkay, let’s address that last one, LinkedIn. Another free, did I say free?, networking group. Have I discussed this before with you? Stop me if I have. No, don’t worry about it. I shall continue anyway.

LinkedIn is a tremendous business networking site. Although they offer paid memberships the basic one is free and full of plenty of features. One of those features I have come to appreciate is “Groups.”

LinkedIn Writers' and Publishers' Groups

There are several writers’ and publishers’ groups I’ve joined to promote myself, as well as design groups I joined for mutual encouragement and learning from fellow graphic artists. The greatest discovery I’ve had is finding that there are so many gracious folks who are more than willing to offer help and advice. Topics like writer’s (and artist’s) block to promotion are covered. Start a discussion, ask questions, and people are there willing to share. Good stuff. And it’s free.

So. How are you doing? How’s the new book writing coming along? How about that marketing/promotion plan for your existing book? Are you moving forward or full of my excuses. 🙂 How can I help?



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