A trilogy of covers for a humorous trilogy of stories

Ron Vincent is a funny story teller and most gracious client. I love doing work for him as he allows me the freedom to create. And it was much fun to create this trilogy series of covers for him. Thanks, Ron. I hope to do more work for you in the future.

Ron Vincent's trilogy of humorous stories: “Mother‘s Day,” “Wedding Day,” and “Vacation Day.”

Ron Vincent’s trilogy of humorous stories: “Mother‘s Day,” “Wedding Day,” and “Vacation Day.”


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The Shack — An apology


The following is from a letter that I posted on my personal Facebook page, April 5, 2017. My audience was intended to be just those on my Facebook friends list and whoever else might come across it. Little did I know that it would go viral. It wound up on several online Christian ministry sites. I have finally gotten around to posting here on my design site.


Some of you know that I was involved with designing “The Shack” book. At that time, over 10 years ago, I was captivated by the story and felt honored to be part of the graphic creation of the book. I was so drawn into it, wanting to know the God it portrayed. There’s no doubt that the story has deeply spoken to many.


I have deep regrets now of not just being involved with it but also in promoting it. The movie release of The Shack has brought all this back to my mind and I felt the need to apologize to all who I may have led astray by my promoting the book. I look back and see how little discernment I had. And I regret and apologize also for waiting this long to publicly share this.


WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? There are many, but the greatest being that it advocates what is called Universal Reconciliation or Universal Salvation. Meaning, since Jesus died for all then all are saved whether they believe it and receive Him personally or not. This is a grave distortion of John 3:16. One just needs to read the rest of that passage to understand that there is a condition for salvation in that one must believe in and accept Christ as Savior personally:


“He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” —John 3:18


One is indeed saved by God’s grace, but we have this thing called “free will” to receive or reject His grace, His free gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.


Many will still say that the book was intended as just a work of fiction, but the author himself, William Paul Young, is quoted as saying, “The Shack is theology. But it is a theology wrapped in a story.”


Embracing The Shack, as I did, led me to other books, other authors who had started out on the straight and narrow, having solid Biblical beliefs, but strayed off into apostasy land. Rob Bell, Jim Palmer, Brian McLaren, to name a few of those by whom I was inspired. That “inspiration” led me to the edge of this Universalist belief. I thank the Lord that He pulled me back from that edge.


The Shack’s story wonderfully painted this picture to me of an incredibly knowable and loving God, one full of forgiveness, but without being judgmental. The fact is that there are two inseparable sides to God. He is both love and judge.


“Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life. Whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on Him.” —John 3:36


Again, this thing called “free will” has given us the ability to willfully accept God’s gracious gift of His Son, Jesus, who died on a cross to save us from our sins, or willfully reject His gracious gift. Jesus did die for the sins of the whole world, but tragically most of the world has and will refuse Him.

– – – – – – – – – – – –


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Thanks a lot, Adam and Eve…

Adam and Eve and the Tree

Adam and Eve and the Tree


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My Cheeky Illustrations 2My Cheeky Illustrations 1Illustration concepts for a book on dieting. Found to be too cheeky (pardon the pun!). But I thought I’d put them up here to show my ability for creating different illustration styles.


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Pete by Dad

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, so no time like the present to try to breath some new life here. 🙂


When my son Peter was growing up he and I would do something creative every night. Usually it was either drawing together or building Legos. Now that he’s 25 we don’t get to spend time with one another as we did, but he’s been after me to lately. So the other night while he was doing an acrylic painting of comic book character, “Deadpool” I decided to draw him. It was a lot of fun and it brought back many fond memories for both of us.


It’s too easy to lose touch with our children. They grow up. We grow older. Things change. Times change. So this was a lesson for me to not let an opportunity to connect with my kid go by.


I hope you keep alert for your own opportunities to connect and bond with your family. That’s the stuff that really matters.


~ Dave


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My New eReader

When eReaders began rising in popularity there was a cry that rang out from book designers, a concern that eBooks would somehow destroy the market for cover design. I held all along to the belief that whether one was designing for a book cover that was to become a printed piece or a digital file that would be viewed electronically, well designed cover art would still be a necessary thing. Besides cover art that appears on an eReader’s screen, art is also needed for the online store where the book is being sold. Just visit Amazon’s, B&N’s or Border’s websites to see for yourself. Most of us still browse by cover attraction.


Having said all that I had not taken the jump into buying an eReader for myself until very recently. Besides wanting to better understand these gizmos so I’d better know how to design covers for them, I really wanted one for my personal reading. After some extensive research I wound up getting the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. I like it very much. It more than meets the needs of an eReader.


Sitting on the platform of the Android OS the Nook Color has the features of a full touch screen tablet. It has some nice apps and more are being developed. It’s wifi enabled so I can download books, PDFs and other files either from the internet or from my computer. The cost is more than the Kindle or the regular Nook, but it is more on par of a smaller iPad (with a smaller price tag).


That’s my two cents review for the Nook Color. I’m looking forward to getting into it more and enjoying the convenience and portability of such a device.






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What is “Work for Hire?”

I’ve had several people ask me if what I do is considered “work for hire.” The short answer is “No. ‘Work for hire’ has to do with an employer-employee work situation.” In more detail Wikipedia provides this more comprehensive answer:

Work for hire
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A work made for hire (sometimes abbreviated as work for hire or WFH) is an exception to the general rule that the person who actually creates a work is the legally-recognized author of that work. According to copyright law in the United States and certain other copyright jurisdictions, if a work is “made for hire”, the employer—not the employee—is considered the legal author. In some countries, this is known as corporate authorship. The incorporated entity serving as an employer may be a corporation or other legal entity, an organization, or an individual.

[click here for the rest of the article]


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Ta-Da! The New and Improved Aldrich Design Site

We’re up and running (obviously, because you’re here after all!).

WELL, HERE IT IS. The same site but only different. The same but so much better. Much better. Okay, so at first look there doesn’t appear too much difference from my old site and this “new” one. Most of the newness was done in the background, way back there where the gnomes and elves create HTML, PHP, CSS and LMNOP. In other words the architecture of the site has been changed so that I can better manage things (and update the site more than once a year!).
For your convenience we have included my blog of infrequent posts in the site itself. Don’t you just love technology? I hope to keep things updated more, well, more frequently. The new framework of the site allows me to update much easier than before. And it all comes down to Keeping It Simple (Thanks, Jayne!).
Check out the Galleria page to see some of my more recent work.
Thanks to Paul Squillace for all your web genius help! Contact Paul for your own website development needs.

Trying to take the advice from one of my author clients!





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Pausing While We Rebuild

We interrupt these infrequent posts to pause while my website and blog become one. All done by the magic of the internet and Paul Squillace (pronounced Skewlacchhee, not Squillace) the Long Island Web Wizard. In the meantime please be patient (at least more than me) and enjoy a cup of coffee or your favorite refreshing beverage.


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And now for something completely different…

Deb Dave on IceI still work for a living. Really! But during the holidays I had so much fun with JibJab. Upload the photo of a loved one and “poof,” you’re ready to make your own wild JibJab video. Believe it or not I find these crazy escapes from reality a great source for fueling my creative engines (either that it’s a tendency to be easily distracted!). But anyway, I hope you get a kick out of my wife and I starring in… Deb and Dave on Ice!Dizzy On Ice





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