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The Misunderstood God, Bo's Café, and The Shack – at Border's

Three books: Misunderstood God, Bo's Café, The Shack

I spotted these three Windblown titles at Borders today… “The Misunderstood God,” “Bo’s Café,” and “The Shack.” I was pleased to see them facing forward! I don’t know who makes those decisions at the book stores. The Shack is still selling strong. As you can see they displayed it three rows across.

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The book that refocused a career

The Shack book
Wayne Jacobsen
had approached me in late 2006 with a book project that he was extremely excited about. I had been helping him with graphic design work for a number of years so he asked if I’d be interested in doing cover concepts for a book by an author that had contacted him.

Originally no publishing company would touch this book because it was considered too controversial by some and the author was considered too unknown by others. So Wayne and friend, Brad Cummings formed Windblown Media to publish it themselves.

Two years later and with over seven million copies in print and on the NY Times best seller list for almost a year, The Shack, by William Paul Young, is an amazing publishing success story.  [UPDATE – Nov. 2009: 10 Million copies in print!]

I had the good fortune of being one of the designers of The Shack and designed the interior pages as well.

The book that launched a publishing company also helped to refocus my own design career. As a result of The Shack’s success I’ve been blessed with several other book projects and an increasing passion for this kind of work. It feels more like fun than work!

Besides my work on The Shack I also created Windblown Media’s logo and The Missy Project logo, which is used in their viral marketing.

Wiindblown logo and Missy Project logo

And besides being grateful for what the book has done for me and my desired career path I am grateful to Paul Young for writing such a story that has impacted so many people – me included.

If you’re interested in more information on The Shack’s success here are a couple of articles:



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